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RD in My Pocket

There are as many paths to health as there are people willing to walk them. Each of us has unique needs, desires, and goals. Lasting success will only be found when we develop healthy habits we can live with for the rest of our lives.

Life style change is a monumental undertaking, and it is nearly impossible to do on our own.  RD in My Pocket was designed to give you the personalized support needed to find success. With RD & Me,

“You don’t have to do this alone”

Details of the Program:


The initial coaching session involves a detailed health history to better understand your starting point. Next is a thorough nutrition history and an analysis of your eating styles, struggles, and strengths. The RD coach will assist you in defining clear, personal, and specific goals accompanied with the strategies necessary to achieve them.

Daily, you will log your food and exercise in order to collect the data we will need to help you make meaningful changes.  Logging is not intended to be a calorie-counting approach, but rather a key part of establishing what you are doing.  Your food logs will demonstrate areas for improvement, and the progress you've made. This is the primary tool for helping to establish accountability. The RD coach will regularly review your logs, and offer personalized advice based on actual eating habits.


This program is designed to help you take baby steps to accomplish true life-style change. You will enjoy weekly emails from the RD coach, and a monthly phone call to work through challenges and changes.  The weekly emails include positive reinforcement and motivation, education on perspectives and mindsets towards eating behaviors, counseling on nutrition concerns, and advice to help keep you on track to accomplish your goals.  You will get a weekly challenge--1 small thing to work on each week to keep you moving forward! If desired, you will also receive a weekly recipe to add new ideas and variety to your eating.


RD in My Pocket is not a quick fix. It is a long-lasting life-changing solution! The longer you subscribe to the program, the greater value will be gained. It takes months to develop new healthy habits and meaningful improvements to your diet and health.


Find success working with RD & Me, because

“You don’t have to do this alone”

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