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RD in My Pocket

RD in My Pocket
RD in My Pocket gives crucial support with minimal interruption to your daily life. 
  • Complete the Initial Nutrition Coaching Session
    • Discuss your eating style, strengths, challenges and barriers to change

    • Set specific, realistic goals

    • Craft a personalized plan with RD coach guidance

  • Track your progress via an app on your smartphone
    • Log food, and exercise daily

    • RD coach will evaluate and advise based on your actual eating habits

  • Establish accountability
    • Get a weekly progress analysis

    • Unlimited email messaging--Get answers to any questions or concerns

    • RD coach will support you through struggles along the way

  • Find life-style changes that work for you
    • Long-term support helps you create new habits that you can live with
    • New habits translate into sustainable weight loss--no more yo-yo dieting
You decide the duration of follow up.
We recommend continuing support for at least 3-4 months to allow sufficient time for establishing the life-style changes that will lead you to your health and weight goals.
Long term is the key--the longer you subscribe, the greater value you gain.
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