See What Clients Are Saying

I loved the questions that my RD coach asked me. The answers helped me see my eating patterns that were not healthy. In turn, my coach helped me come up with ways to adjust those patterns so my diet was more healthy!  This process has helped me change my diet so I don’t have to “diet” ever again!


Brianna gave me the resources and expertise that I needed to change my lifestyle.  She was constantly checking up on me to ensure I was getting everything I needed from her.  When one method wasn’t working out for me she was quick to make a change and set me on a better path.  I loved working with Brianna and would recommend her services to anyone wanting to make a lifestyle change.


What I loved most about working with Brianna was the constant e-mails I got from her.  I started to look forward to them and the positive things she had to say and her encouraging words.  I was already good at beating myself up...It was a breath of fresh air to have someone telling me that I was doing a good job and that change was possible!  I looked forward to her advice and various food strategies.  


The most important thing I learned from working with Brianna was to stay focused on the positive things that I was doing.  And then to build on those positive things.  I was focusing too much on the number on the scale instead of how I was feeling.  Success is more then just a number on the scale.  Success has many different faces.  Sometimes the struggle is to recognize what those successful faces look and feel like.  Once your eyes are opened to that, its easier to move forward and work toward your goals.